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Gepostet on Jan 8, 2013 in DiggedyDeep Crates, Tracks | Keine Kommentare

DiggedyDeep Crates: Pudgee feat. Notorious BIG & Lord Tariq “Think Big”

DiggedyDeep Crates: Pudgee feat. Notorious BIG & Lord Tariq “Think Big”

The great guys from invited the even greater dude Robbie Ettelson of to compile a list of the 50 best guest verses of all time. While the list includes countless well-known classic appearances such as NAS´ verse on Main Source´s “Live at the BBQ” or Kool G Rap´s unforgettable 16 bars of fire on Mobb Deep´s “The Realest”, I´d like to add another one to the list.

In 1995, Pudgee released a test pressing of his “Think Big” single (prod. by the great Minnesota) which along with Lord Tariq also featured the legendary Notorious BIG who, at this point, had just released his “Party & Bullshit” 12″.
In 1997 I interviewed Pudgee for my old blog, where he recalled how he got Biggie on the record:

I knew Biggie for quite some time becasue we were both up and coming lyricists on the grind. A friend of mine, 9Hawk – who used to road manage Big Daddy Kane – put me on to him. We used to speak all the time and I had been Tupac’s friend since he danced for Digital Underground so the song was bound to happen – I called him and I told him I wanted him on the song. He said he would come to the studio and I still paid him cause I had a deal. The only song he had out at the time was party and bullshit.

Biggie´s verse on this record is far from being his dopest one. But it might be one of the most memorable ones since the record was never released, because

we could not clear the sample. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis even tried, but the Hathaway family said we were cursing crazy.

This, by the way, is the sample Pudgee was talking about:

So besides the regular lyricall dopeness, it´s the rareness that makes this Biggie verse so special as it is only available on some test pressings. It´s definitely a dope song – so you either pay attention to eBay to grab an original test pressing, or you´ll just grab a shady bootleg for 5 bucks. However, make sure you´ll add this to your crates soon!

Random fact: Biggie´s line “I grant you three wishes cause I be the Gini” was later sampled by DJ Premier for Christina Aguilera´s “Thank You: A Dedication To The Fans”, which caused a nice check to pick up for Pudgee and Minnesota!

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