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Gepostet on Jan 21, 2013 in DiggedyDeep Crates, Tracks | Keine Kommentare

DiggedyDeep Crates: Lord Finesse “Check The Method (Remix)”

DiggedyDeep Crates: Lord Finesse “Check The Method (Remix)”

I´m pretty sure that y´all already know that we got mad love for Lord Finesse over here at DiggedyDope. What we don´t love is boring music – and since the latter seems to be overwhelmingly present lately while there is tons of dope material by the Funky Technician, why not enjoy it? What we got here is an unreleased Remix of Lord Finesse´s “Check The Method” that was only available on a flexi disc that came with one of Wax Poetics Japan latest issues. Enjoy!

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PS: If you want to keep up with the latest vinyl treatments of unreleased Lord Finesse material, make sure to bookmark the Slice-Of-Spice website and to like their Facebook page!

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