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Gepostet on Jan 5, 2013 in DiggedyDeep Crates, Tracks | Keine Kommentare

DiggedyDeep Crates: Kuku Productions “The Prophecy”

DiggedyDeep Crates: Kuku Productions “The Prophecy”

Since we already highlighted Roc Marciano´s takeover of the rap game in 2012, it is only appropriate to attend the first episode of DiggedyDeep Crates to the man as well.
What we have here is Marciano´s debut on vinyl. Released in 1997, Kuku Productions´ “The Prophecy” 12″ is rather unknown while offering one of the dopest Marciano verses ever. I mean, who can fuck with lines like these?

Yeah/ Collect my thoughts/ My mind moves at warp speed/ I often talk to myself about greed/ While I smoke so much weed/ And indeed/ I love my freedom like my unborn seed/ Normally, out of ya league/ I bond like Sean Connery/ Honour me with knowledge/ Pure homage/ I’m astonishing/ Future promising/ Harnessing notes/ Composer I be/ Catching the Holy Goat…/


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