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Gepostet on Jan 23, 2013 in DiggedyDeep Crates, Tracks | Keine Kommentare

DiggedyDeep Crates: Kool G Rap “Hey Mr. Mr.”

DiggedyDeep Crates: Kool G Rap “Hey Mr. Mr.”

If you love Kool G Rap (I am sure you do) and violence (I´m afraid some of you do), then this edition of DiggedyDeep Crates will be perfect for you. Today we´ll talk about Kool G Rap´s most violent record ever, the infamous “Hey Mr. Mr.“.

Kool G Rap recorded this joint in 1995 during the sessions for his “4,5,6” album. God knows what made him do it, but for some reason he must have been like “damn son, it would be a great idea to make a song about beating up and nearly raping girls!”. And, yeah, basically that´s what “Hey Mr. Mr” is all about.

As a matter of fact, one can get the impression that Kool G Rap took a look at some secret “100 things you must not say if you want your label to release your music” list and accurately completed it point by point. Don´t believe me? Take a look at a few examples of what Kool G Rap said on the T-Ray produced joint:

Iam bashin her with the nine, inches away from pullin the trigger
But a nigga got to hit her till I see her face get bigger
I’m sick of all the bullshit, tired of all the nonsense
So I pistol whipped the bitch till her ass fell out of conscious
Now she’s all bloodied up, layin in that red shit
Bitch press charges, I guarantee you she’s a dead bitch

Not bad, huh? For some incomprehensible reason, Epic & Cold Chillin´ were not willing to release this lovely poem. Not even changing the name from “Don´t Interrupt Me When I´m Whoppin´ On My Bitch´s Ass” to the innocent, finger pointing “Hey Mr. Mr.” could change the labels´mind. Thank god, this did not mean the ultimate burial for this joint.

Instead the song was bootlegged as a white-label release. Even though T-Ray once said it was Stretch Armstrong, nobody really knows who put the record out. Might have been Kool G Rap & T-Ray themselves as well. So all we got are about 500 white-label 12″ with what might be one the most touching love songs ever. Get your lady, dim the lights and play this loud!

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PS: I´ve heard rumors about a bootleg of the “official” bootleg (sounds weird, right?!). To make sure you´re holding the “real” bootleg in your hands, check the runout groove for the DCharles signature!

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