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Gepostet on Jan 24, 2013 in Downloads | Keine Kommentare

Phoniks “Basement Vibes” EP

Phoniks “Basement Vibes” EP

Thank god! Even though we´re pretty clear about what kind of music we accept to be submitted, most of the submissions sound like some crappy dirty-south-club-shit with fruity loops stock 808s and claps – until today. Phoniks, a producer from the East Coast hooked me up with his new EP entitled “Basement Vibes”, which features remixes to 8 classics such as Pete Rock & Cl Smooth´s “Take You There” or Biggie´s “Kick In The Door”. Sure, given the fact that Phoniks picked tracks with some of the greatest production works ever, his remixes do not top the originals – but they´re far from sucking as well. Matter of fact, the EP is loaded with smooth, soulful beats giving a new flavor to some of Hip Hop´s greatest songs. Special props for using one of my favorite Galt MacDermot songs for the Biggie Remix!

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