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Bring Da Ruckus

You got a new joint coming out you want the world to hear? No problem, simply bring da ruckus!

However, there are a few DOs & DON´Ts you should consider when submitting your music to DiggedyDope:

- consider the music we post on the site. We represent a certain style of music – if your music consists of club sound synths, chances are next to nothing that we´ll post your music on our site!
- submit your music via email to Please do not send music to any staff members directly
- use the BCC function of your email client when sending submissions to multiple recipients
- include a short description of yourself, the track (incl. proper credits) and album
- provide information on how people can get in touch with you (website, facebook, twitter)
- include cover artwork for your submission. If there is no official cover, simply send a press photo of the artist
- tag MP3´s properly
- consider that we prefer links to Soundcloud / Bandcamp over MP3 submissions
- simply send the Youtube / Vimeo link when submitting videos. We don´t need the embed code!

- send us songs that sound like the shit you get on the radio or mtv!
- submit the same material more than once. We got it. If we didn´t feature it on the site, there was a reason for that!
- send us music via Twitter or Facebook
- post links to your music in the comment section or our Facebook timeline
- send us Datpiff links

And the most important rule:
Don´t get mad at us. We ain´t the NY Times so we don´t have to cover everything that happens in this world. Features on our site are based on our personal taste – we respect your grind (we do!) and try to support underground artists as much as possible – but please show mutual respect for our taste when your song doesn´t get posted.